Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not feeling you

Never thought that Id ever get over you

But the day has come and I forgot the pain that was caused by you

Out to dinner? No, thats okay Im not feeling you

Dont think Id enjoy the company and didnt you forget-we are through

Stop stalking me.

Take off my ring.

Are you crazy?

You cant still love me!

Cause if you did

You'd realize that we can never be together

Too much damage was done

And I dont turn back, I just go towards another.

I know you feel that you finally get the point.

Years of telling you what I need, now I'm what you want

But you dont want me; you're just tired of those hoes out there.

You can't believe you lost a throne to a rocking chair!

The first you had gave you sensation dome

But you soon realized that she gave that to everyone

The next one you had wore only designer clothes

So hot-yeah right, without your money she'd leave you alone.

And sistah girl, the one you took to the picnic

Soon got off her diet-and you soon had triple necks

The lady you snuck off with when I would go out of town

Slept with your sister-but you didnt know that shit was going down.

Again, Ill tell you-dinner with you is not in my plans

You're yesterdays news-and Im with a brand new man

He fixes me morning coffee and gives me poetry as a late-night snack

Makes me moan and grown happily-now whyd you think Id want you back?

And when I'm sad, he sends me lyrics to an old school jam

Puts a smile on my face, no matter where I am

Calls me the sweetest you and makes me feel so wonderful

Im so damned glad that I dont have to put up with your bull no more.

So I'll holla later-sorry you had to lose

Next time wake up when the alarm sounds, instead of hitting snooze

And hopefully, you'll know what time it is

Before you lose out on what you had in this!
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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