Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love and Marriage

Imma take it slow

Give it 2 U real, boy "blow by blow"

U dealing with pure Diva from head to toe

Niggah, U ain't know?

Betta ask somebody 'cause I keeps it Real

Hypnotic on yo azz - something U can feel

And dat's REAL TALK on bedroom tip

Don't wanna hear no lip!

U can use those lips 2 go down below

Diva like it when u get it wet, so Do what U know!

Then flip me over to my belly and grind real slow

Do it till Hynotic can't take no mo'!

Then pull me off da bed, take it to the flo'....

Be careful wit the carpets- but just let it go.

Don't hold back cause I can take it all!

And Since we on the flo', you know that I won't fall;

And no more bed creekin' so we can go real hard!

Don't be acting like u chicken, don't be scarred!

Do me like 2morrow there won't be no time

Phuck me till I lose my mutha-phuckin' mind

Then send me home alone so I can just unwind.

Shit, I be missing U before I get the car in the drive

Then I'm making a U-Turn back to see you for one more 'gin

(I gots to get the lovin' till the day done end)

and then i'm hooked like dope and actin' like a feen

But the phucked up part is that you actin' like u also a feen

and we too high on sex to make the choices right,

"phuck going to work" and we gon' phuck until the next daymn night

Now, that shit's TIGHT

And U know it feel so RIGHT

but we got to chill and get some food to eat

Cause you don't wore me down from my head to my feet.

I can't even see straight 'cause it look like 2 of you

Double dick, double fun, i'm into double-you!

I'm tweekin' on some estrogen, cause it's in overflow

Pussy just so wet....Phuck...I want some mo'

I can't do without it, I'm just gon' marry you

then we ain't got to stop, that just what we should do.

Take it to the alter and call it forever and a day

YES????? What you say?

That's real talk, man! On the lifetime tip!

And I don't want no backtalk-don't give me no lip

Just don't be late to the church, preacher man gon' trip

cause i done got him out to bed to marry us

and thank got he so dayum holy- so he cannot cuss

He just say "get here in the hour" cause he was tring to sleep

and late hours is something that he cannot keep.

Thank God you made it here, baby you just in time

"I do. You do. We do". Now we just grand and fine

Let's get to the honey moon and do this thang!

Whew....i'm tired already, you got my body 'bout to sang!

And dayum...i'm looking at the shine on this phuckin' ring!

"Close your eyes so I can do my special thing"

Yeah, I know you like it...get ready to be hypnotized

Cause you all mine!

And it's about dayum time!

Just lay back and unwind;

Imma blow your mind!
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy

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